How Can I Support You

How I can Support you

Life is sometimes full of difficulties and uncertainties, we can feel overwhelmed by stress, loss, addictions, problems in our workplace or home life to name a few.  I am a qualified therapist, registered under the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and I am able to work with you without often the long waiting lists of the NHS. I offer both counselling generally shorter term and psychotherapy to  enable you to understand yourself on a deeper level, improve emotional intelligence and move forwards from wherever you are to support you and aid you to finding the answers within. Clients come to see me with a range of issues including but not limited to; depression, burnout, stress management, anxiety including OCD, body dysmorphia, marriage/relationship problems, eating disorders, anger problems, gender issues including those transitioning to the opposite sex, childhood trauma & adult trauma, rape, living with a mental health diagnosis or awaiting a psychological referral, confidence issues, redundancy, those in foster care or foster career families, domestic abuse and work related stress. 


“Amy is insightful with the topics and issues I bring to sessions, very receptive, understanding and allows me to get out what I need to. In my experience it can be difficult to find a therapist who really helps you understand your own thoughts, thought patterns and feelings, but Amy has that ability. Quite often she’ll bring something to the surface which I didn’t realise was there in my mind, helping me acknowledge things that exist in my thoughts and feelings. This to me is what good talking therapy is.” John 

''Ahead of my first session with Amy, I was very sceptical that she would be able to help in any way. I had been suffering from serve anxiety and stress for over a year, which had been brewing for many years before hand. To add to the mix, my life had recently turned upside down in almost every area of my life and I was to the point the smallest tasks were becoming unbearable and was struggling to function. Before I knew it Amy started to rebuild me, one piece at a time. Initially helping to build my confidence to talk to her and open up because I was overwhelmed with emotions, extremely anxious and scared. Meeting Amy each week is reassuring to know I will have a wise and constructive conversation, enabling me to trust and have faith in people again.Our relationship has made me grow as a person, giving me the opportunity to reflect and heal from past traumatic events.''  

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