Corporate Wellbeing

Corperate Wellbeing Talks and Workshops

Offering Mental Health and specialist wellbeing support to employees within the Corporate and Private Sector. All my packages are bespoke to suit the culture, needs and individual demands within your sector. Mental Health is sadly affecting 1 in 4 of us and I feel passionately at supporting individuals and Directors within the corporate sector to promote positive wellbeing. In result this helps individuals to thrive in their careers, helping to prevent burn out and stress related illnesses.

I have a wealth of experience in executive support & management. I have previously had experience in complex event management and supporting CEO’s, Commercial and Operation Directors. I was component supporting at Board level and aiding companies through large growth periods. I therefore understand the day to day pressures within an organisation and stress from different perspectives. I am passionate at transforming mental health in the workplace and helping to raise awareness to support all within a business. 

Think About You offers wellbeing workshops, mental health training, team bonding days, Director away ways, wellbeing groups and coaching. I am able to project plan and implement appropriate wellbeing strategies to suit your staff on a longer term basis in line with HR or Wellbeing objectives.

Running a mental health wellbeing day once or twice a month is often very effective within businesses as it makes employees feel like their mental health is valued throughout the year. This can also enable employees to attend at scattered times and causes very little disruption to the day to day functions of the business. A mental health day can include a mixture of activities including but not limited to; a mental health awareness talk, interactive activities, stress relievers, a fitness class, nutritional talks, yoga and mindfulness based exercises and holistic treatments including massage.

I am currently working with the public sector and corporate organisations with 800+ members of staff, schools, academies and small to medium size businesses.

Benefits of a Wellbeing programme

  • Your employees will feel valued
  • Your company’s performance will rise
  • Employees wellbeing will improve
  • Recruiting will be easier. You will become more of an attractive workplace
  • Employees will feel valued and more connected 
  • Sickness decrease 

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